Top 10 Food Products Exported from India

Top 10 food products exported from India

We explore the top 10 food products exported from India, the land of diverse flavors and rich agricultural heritage, exported in 2022-23. India, a major player in the global food export market, takes pride in delivering a vast array of culinary delights to international tables. Top 10 food products exported from India Product No. 1: … Read more

Top Tips for Successful Home Textile Export Business from India to the USA 2024

Home Textile

Uncover the vast potential of exporting home textiles from India to the USA. This comprehensive guide navigates you through product categories, market opportunities, and logistical strategies to triumph in the American market. Introduction: Picture your exquisitely designed bed linens gracing bedrooms across the USA, your vibrant rugs adorning living spaces, and your intricately woven towels … Read more

D/A: Practical Example: Navigating the 7 Hidden Steps for Smooth Mango Exports from India to Germany


An Indian mango exporter, Sunny Mango Exports, based in Mumbai, India, has secured a deal to supply a German importer, Fresh Fruits GmbH, based in Hamburg, Germany, with a shipment of Alphonso mangoes, a premium variety known for its rich flavor and aroma. The agreed-upon contract specifies a payment term of Documents against Acceptance (D/A). … Read more

Exploring the Jewel of Indian Orchards: Pomegranates – Varieties, Export Quality, Top Producers, and Global Markets


Indian pomegranates are a prized gem in the world of fruits, admired for their sweet and juicy arils, vibrant color, and rich flavors. This blog explores the fascinating world of Indian pomegranates, covering their diverse varieties, export specifications, top-producing cities, and the global markets that eagerly seek their vibrant sweetness. Exploring the Jewel of Indian … Read more

India is the World’s Largest Onion Exporter, with 2nd position


India has emerged as the global leader in onion exporters. Discover how the nation has risen to the top and explore the strategies and factors behind India’s success. Learn about the market trends, growing demand, and the future of onion exports. Introduction: India’s onion exporters industry has seen an unprecedented growth rate over the last … Read more

India’s No. 1 Onion Exporter

India’s No. 1 Onion Exporter

India is the leading onion exporter in the world. The country exports onion to over 50 countries. The country produces over 20 million tonnes of onions each year, and the export market is growing rapidly. In 2022, India exported onions worth over $500 million. Export Quality Onions from India The export-quality onions from India are … Read more

India’s Top 10 Vegetable Export Products


The top 10 vegetable export products from India include onions, tomatoes, potatoes, cauliflower, peas, beans, chilies, cabbage, spinach, and cucumbers. India is a major producer and exporter of vegetables. In 2022, India’s vegetable exports were valued at over $2 billion. This makes India the world’s 5th largest vegetable exporter. Top 10 Vegetable Export Products from … Read more

India’s Top 10 Agricultural Export Products: The Best of the Best

Top 10 Agricultural Export Products

Introduction India is a major agricultural exporter, with a wide variety of products being exported around the world. The top 10 agricultural export products from India include rice, wheat, sugar, spices, fruits, vegetables, meat, and fish. India is a major agricultural producer, and it is also a major agricultural exporter. In 2022, India’s agricultural exports … Read more