Discover The Role of MPEDA in Boosting India’s Seafood Exports 2024


One name takes center stage when navigating the vast seas of India’s seafood exports – MPEDA, the Marine Products Export Development Authority. But what exactly is MPEDA, and how does it steer the ship in India’s marine exports? Let’s unravel the mysteries, exploring MPEDA’s functions, initiatives, and impact on the industry. MPEDA: Guiding the Waves … Read more

Export Development Authorities: In 2024 Champions of Indian Exports, Driving Global Trade Success

Export Development Authorities

Examine the complexities of India’s export ecosystem and learn about the critical role that Export Development Authorities (EDAs) play in fostering innovation, increasing competitiveness, and propelling Indian exports to global prominence. Introduction: India’s Export Development Authorities (EDAs) serve as pillars of support in the volatile world of international trade, working tirelessly to promote the growth … Read more