India is the World’s Largest Onion Exporter, with 2nd position

India has emerged as the global leader in onion exporters. Discover how the nation has risen to the top and explore the strategies and factors behind India’s success. Learn about the market trends, growing demand, and the future of onion exports.

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India’s onion exporters industry has seen an unprecedented growth rate over the last few years, surpassing all other countries a few years back. This remarkable success can be attributed to several factors, including climate, production, cost-effectiveness, quality standards, distribution, and logistics networks, and favorable exchange rates. In this blog, we will take an in-depth look at India’s onion exporter’s story, explore the reasons behind its success, and the strategies employed to maintain leadership.

Reasons for Success:

Favorable Climate and Production: India boasts a unique and diverse climate suitable for onion cultivation, leading to a high yield of quality onions, subsequently leading to a steady supply for export.

Cost-Effectiveness: Thanks to lower costs of production, the Indian onion stands highly competitive in the world market, making it the preferred choice of importers around the world.

Quality Standards: Strict quality control measures exercised in India result in the Onion meeting international standards, contributing to the reliability and trust among buyers.

Distribution and Logistics: Strong distribution and logistics networks of Indian onions, ensure there is an uninterrupted supply, meeting the global demand without compromise.

Government Policies and Support: Favorable export policies, trade agreements, and government subsidies have aided the growth of this sector, strengthened its competitiveness, and build a reputation for Indian onions.

Strategies Employed:

Market Research and Analysis: India conducts real-time market research to understand trends, demands, and preferences and implements targeted marketing and export strategies based on the insights derived.

Diversification: Diversification of the export markets, reducing dependence on a single county and helping to safeguard against any potential risk factors.

Branding and Promotions: India has been undertaking promotional activities and branding exercises to enhance the visibility and reputation of the Indian onion in the world market.

Certifications and Quality Assurance: Implementation of quality assurance measures and certifications to assure the quality and safety of onion exported from India, thereby building confidence among the buyers.

Partnerships and Collaborations: Strategic collaborations with other onion-exporting countries aimed at expanding market reach and building trade relations.

Market Trends and Growing Demand for Onion:

Global Consumption Patterns: The world consumption pattern of onions has been on the rise, and India has been a significant contributor to this demand.

Emerging Market Opportunities: India has discovered emerging market opportunities, with increased demand for Indian onions in countries like the United States, the African continent, and the Middle East.

Changing Culinary Practices: As Indian cuisine and culture have been spreading to the Western world, there has been an increased demand for Indian onions globally.

The Future of Onion Exporter:

India is positioning itself to be a leader in the onion export industry with the adoption of new technologies like know bagging and automation & mechanization.
The implementation of strict quality standards and compliance with international regulations is maintained.
The Indian Government is committed to creating a level playing field for the onion industry’s growth, long-term viability, and sustainability.

The top five destinations for Indian onions in 2022-23 were:

  1. Bangladesh (500,000 metric tonnes)
  2. Sri Lanka (400,000 metric tonnes)
  3. United Arab Emirates (300,000 metric tonnes)
  4. Nepal (200,000 metric tonnes)
  5. Saudi Arabia (100,000 metric tonnes)

India’s onion exports are expected to continue to grow in the coming years. The country has a comparative advantage in onion production, due to its favorable climate and fertile soil. Additionally, India has been investing in infrastructure development, which has made it easier and cheaper to export onions.


The Indian Onion Exports industry has grown substantially over the past years, and India has positioned itself as a leader in the field. India implements several strategies and factors to its enormous success owing to the global demand for onions constantly growing. As the competition continues to intensify, India is expected to adopt new technologies and strategies, build better international trade relations, and be a significant player in the global onion market for years to come.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Are there any common onion size standards followed for export from India?

While there are no universal onion size standards for export from India, certain size ranges are commonly accepted. One common size standard followed is as follows:
Small Onions: 25-40mm diameter
Medium Onions: 40-70mm diameter
Large Onions: 70-100mm diameter

How can I determine the size preferences for a specific country to export onions from India?

To determine the size preferences for a specific country, it is recommended to conduct market research, consult with importers or trade associations in that country, or engage in discussions with potential buyers. Understanding the specific requirements and preferences of the target market will help you tailor your onion export strategy accordingly.

How do different countries prefer onion sizes for export from India?

Different countries have their own preferences for onion sizes when importing from India. The sizes can vary based on factors such as culinary practices, consumer demand, and product requirements. It is recommended to consult with importers or trade associations in specific countries to understand their preferred onion size for export from India.

What is the preferred size of onions for exporting from India?

The preferred size of onions for exporting from India varies based on different countries’ requirements and preferences.

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